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Our Work


3M Matte Crystal-i 

Glass Shower 

Added some shower privacy and classy looks with this Fasara Film!

3M Milano 

Beulah Health Center - Beulah, ND

This medical center is utilizing 3M Fasara Milano film in this storage area for 24-hour privacy.


3M Prestige 40%

Home in Grand Forks, ND

This customer wanted to keep the home cool in the summer while enhancing their view outside. The 3M Prestige was the perfect solution!

3M Night Vison 35%

Little Caesars - Fargo, ND

With the 3M Night Vison 35% dual layer film, we were able to reduce heat and glare to make for a more pleasant working and dining experience!


3M Prestige 70%

Verizon Wireless - Fargo, ND

This film was chosen by Verizon Corporate for the films high heat rejection properties while still allowing customers to see in. 

Solyx Decorative Films

Crave - West Acres Mall - Fargo, ND

Crave designers used two unique films from Solyx to create a beautiful look and some privacy for its customers. 


3M Prestige 20%

Bemidji Ortho - Bemidji, MN

The Perfect high end film to reduce heat and glare!

3M Night Vison 15%

Helix Wine and Bites -
Grand Forks, ND

This 3M film offers the greatest amount of glare and heat rejection while giving the customers inside comfort and privacy.


3M Safety and Security Film

West Acres Mall - Fargo, ND

West Acres Mall wanted to increase security and utilized 3M film with attachment for these large floor to ceiling windows. 

3M Sagano

NDSU Research and Technology Center

NDSU created a unique look and texture with the Sagano fabric 3M Fasara Film.


3M Neutral 50%

GiGi's Cupcakes - Fargo, ND

A light film to allow customers to still see in while helping to keep some heat and glare down while eating a delicious cupcake.

3M Safety Series S80 

Perham High School - Perham, MN

A couple of our installers working on filming an entry way with 3M safety and security film. 

Perham Security Film - shane and scott.JPG

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